1. Towers

by Frida Sundemo



Frida Sundemo is 24 year old medical student and songwriter / performer from the South of Sweden. Her playful pop music sounds light and approachable, but derives from a dark and complex reality.

Music has always been a part of Frida's life in one way or another, but it wasn't until about three years ago when she got her own music studio that she started developing her solo project – a balancing act as by day, Frida is studying to become a doctor. Once she had the right tools, she could start crafting her sound and manufacture the songs that had been playing in her head.

Over the following years, Frida's melodies went from being heavily guitar-based, to more electronic sounding using synths and drums. Today, her music is a soothing blend of both acoustic and electronic instruments, with songs that take the listener on a journey through her peculiar universe.

Her lyrics are personal, sometimes bordering on private; in her early days she even deliberated on whether to play for the public or not. Her intelligent observations of people sometimes reflect a sad reality, and despite wanting to tell stories, she has to tiptoe her way through the song-making process to avoid exposing the people in her life. “It's a balance”, she says, as she now finally lets her people enjoy the sounds of her charming voice.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, Frida's music has found its way out from her tiny home studio in Gothenburg and earned her a following in Japan, where her debut album was released this summer. Her first single ‘Towers’ became one of the most played songs on Japanese radio earning her the accolade of Japan’s biggest musical secret.

The album, titled ‘Dear, Let It Out’, was produced by herself and the acclaimed producer Rasmus Faber. Faber is best known for his productions in house music, but that didn't stop him from engaging in a collaboration with this promising new pop wonder. In fact, their different musical backgrounds created a multifaceted duo, and lead to Frida's involvement in some of Faber's house tracks.

In 2011, Frida will take her spellbinding stories and soft harmonies out on tour, to completely open up the doors to her quirky, sad and wonderful world


released January 1, 2012


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